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about me:
journal entries and some general crap about me. (last updated 02/03/04, 19:28)

corrina's diary:
my favorite part of the site. (last updated 09/25/03, 03:23)

information on foot and corset fetishes. (last updated 06/15/06, 16:10)

u.s. fetish store directory:
a listing of fetish stores in north america. to add a store, please email me.

fetish links:
list of general fetish links. corset links are on a separate page.

contact me:
you can email me at electra@electrasweb.com.

is no longer used (since all updated dates are right here on this page). i've left the page here for archival purposes (or at least until i get off my ass and decide to clean up the site some more :) (last updated 11/30/10, 18:34)

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