fetish links

june 15, 2002. i'm in the process of making this page more interesting. i've culled out all the dead/broken links and have started gathering new ones which'll appear here shortly. for the time being, please try to enjoy the few links listed below. and also enjoy the new corset links page i've created.

  • TimesSquare/Alley/8207: a neighbor of mine! beautiful women in gas masks. go knock yourself out - i sure as hell did!
  • The Platform Diva: Lots of great pictures and information on platform heels.
  • The alt.sex.fetish.robots page: All about the robot-fetish
  • The Bettie Pages: All about the legendary Bettie Page - she is a goddess
  • Hisayoshi Osawa: Japanese Fetish Photographer - gorgeous pictures here. There are a lot of broken images on this site now, but I left the link here because it's one of my favorite sites because it was one of the first sites I found while I was trying to learn about alternative sexuality. The photos are still beautiful. Just click on the third graphic under the image - it's apparently the go forward button :)


  • SkinTwo: One of the hottest fetish magazines now has online memberships available
  • Marquis: German fetish magazine by Peter W. Czernich
  • Desire Magazine: A quality erotic magazine
  • <<O>> Magazine: There's not a whole lot of anything on this site, but there are a few good pics (I'm an eye candy whore :)