"I can't see how anyone would object to a lady at the height of her beauty without any clothes on whatsoever . . .
. . . but, I would say it is even better with a pair of high heel shoes."
Vivienne Westwood

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Feet & Shoe Fetishes

What is it about high heels that makes them such powerfully erotic objects? You don't have to be a fetishist to appreciate the beauty of a foot, staunchly arched, descending into a 6-inch, shiny black patent leather heel. Shoe and feet fetishes are believed to be the most common form of fetish existing today, and almost all fetishists are men.

Some fetishists wish to worship the foot with licks and kisses, while others wish to punish the foot by forcing them into tight, uncomfortable shoes. Some prefer pampered feet, clean and pedicured, which they can rub with creams and cherish. Other men prefer dirty, red, stinky feet to smell and enjoy. Almost all fetishists, however, love heels, and the higher the heel, the better. The height of the shoe has an erotic connotation. High heels are associated with sexually sophisticated females, while low heels imply a lack of sexual allure. Very high heeled shoes jut out the breasts and arch the back, shaping the female body to appear to be even more enticing, and they inhibit the wearer's ability to move effectively - a form of bondage some find very sexy. And while fetishists prefer shiny high heels they can also be attracted to any kind of shoe, even a ratty old sneaker.

Shoe fetishes can be manifested in different ways. Some men can have involuntary orgasms simply when they see a woman in a beautiful pair of heels (wouldn't that be great). Some fantasize about shoes, feet and women in various ways, such as imagining a woman crushing grapes with her bare feet, or better yet, crushing them into his chest or face. Some fetishists enjoy having the heel of the shoe inserted into their bodies. A fetish shoe from turn- of- the- century Vienna had an incredibly high heel which was designed to be inserted into the fetishist's anus. The shoe, then, symbolizes both the masculine and the feminine, from the heel being inserted into the fetishists' body to the foot sliding into the shoe.

The shoed foot is symbolic of the female body in many ways. In the high heel, the arched foot is reminiscent of the shapely female form. A tight shoe may give the foot cleavage which recalls the breasts in the male mind. Toe cleavage is also considered very alluring. Some say that the high heel puts women back in the position of power where they belong. The height that the high heeled shoe adds to a woman's size physically, and the point of the heel can be a powerful weapon that can be used for both pleasure and pain. The high heel is sexy in many ways - it is aesthetically pleasing visually which is appealing to everyone, and for select others, it is the bondage and S&M-like qualities that are most alluring.


If the fetishist is a shoe lover, then I would be classified as a shoe liker. I don't have the strong feelings about shoes that true fetishists do, but that doesn't mean I don't understand the fascination. It is exquisite to see a long legged beauty sporting around a pair of tiny, spiky heels - at any moment she may crumple to the floor in a heap, she may squish a tiny insect to a quick and painless death, she may ruin a man's penis for life with a swift kick to the groin. Her calves are well defined, her legs are lengthened, her back is arched and her breasts are bouncier. The beauty of the wearer of the shoe is indeed important, but so is the beauty of the shoe. The material the shoe is made of is important - it has to be rich, and beautiful and loved. The shape of the shoe has to be just perfect. Shiny is good. I like both the tiny, spiky heel and the clunkier heels. I love buckles and shiny metal things on shoes, but it has to be designed well or it looks cheap. And always, always, the taller the heel the better. I especially enjoy men in heels, too. A lot of men have very beautiful, thin, shapely legs - legs many women would kill for, and heels only make their legs look all that much better. The calves are so important, I love calves - if you don't have a shapely calf, then you should be wearing pants - and heels do nothing but accentuate them. My boyfriend has the most beautiful legs - and the most incredible calves I've ever seen on a man (but he won't wear heels for me). He will, though, suck my toes while we're having sex, and he kisses my feet, and rubs his face in them and generally treats them very well. And of course, I do the same for him. And a foot must be well groomed - though tastes may differ, I'm definitely a clean foot person.

Did you know?

F. Scott Fiztgerald (A great writer, and one of my own favorites) used to be embarassed and horrified by the sight of his own feet, but was sexually titilated by women's feet.

In the early versions of the Cinderella story, the evil stepsisters cut off their toes and heels to fit into Cinderella's slipper, only to be betrayed by a trail of blood. So what does this story tell us? - That tiny feet are beautiful and feminine (hey, I've got small feet!).

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