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  • elegant lacing: very, very nice site with lots of great pictures, movies and a weblog.
  • the corset site: a frequently updated site with lots of great links.
  • trillium corset society: a corset social group based in Canada. you have to look through the gallery - they've got some lovely pictures.
  • the female form: an excellent site. i highly recommend this site if you're interested in corsets. it is a nicely done site and contains historical background information on the corset. don't miss the people page - she has links to pictures of various people in corsets.
  • how to make an elizabethan corset: this is an excellent site on elizabethan corsetry. you'll find some background information as well as instructions on how to make your own elizabethan corset.
  • caresse crosby and the brassiere: discovery online's dead inventor's corner. this page briefly talks about the evolution of the bra from the corset..
  • corsets from the lord & taylor catalogue, 1881: has lots of pictures from the catalogue and their descriptions.
  • la corsetiere: more information on parts that make up a corset, corset training, how to choose a corset, caring for and making a corset
  • halcyon cosetry page: this is an interesting little place.
  • history of the undergarment
  • "anti-rape corset": here's an interesting little tidbit from indonesia.

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