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my first week in a corset
(this is from my journal from 1997 - my last year in college)

i wore my corset for the first time today. i wore it for a full twelve hours. i loved it. it was better, and more comfortable than i could even imagine. i love corsets - i love the way they look, love the rich materials they're made out of, love the boning and the steel busks, love the lacing in the back, and i love the way they shape a woman. i've had my corset for a while now - almost a month, but haven't worn it for any extended period of time. so when i went to put it on today i was afraid that it would be uncomfortable to wear all day - i was afraid it would be too tight and i wouldn't be able to breathe. but neither of those problems arose. i drove to work and by the time i got there i was so in love with the way it felt around my waist - it hugged me so tight, but since it was my first day i had been careful not to tighten it too much so that i couldn't breathe. i occasionally rubbed the boning underneath my shirt during the work day because it felt so good, and i couldn't believe how wonderful wearing the corset felt all day long. i had no problems except that around 4 or 5 my back started to hurt a little which i attributed to the fact that my body simply was not used sitting up so straight. and i itched a little later on in the day - but very little so it didn't really bother me. as a matter of fact, i was itching a little while my coworker was talking to me and she caught me off guard when she reached over to itch me and asked me what i was wearing under there. i said it was a corset, but i don't think she heard me because she didn't respond in any way. when i got home i didn't take it off for a few hours. at about 10 i decided to take it off - i both wanted to take it off and leave it on, but taking it off won over. i loved the little indentations that were left all around my waist by the corset though it was quite a relief to take it off - i got to itch myself.

i woke up this morning and was excited about putting my corset back on. i got dressed, went to work and shortly thereafter my back started to hurt. but it didn't hurt really bad and it seemed to go away later on in the day so i didn't think much about it. tonight when i went home i wore it for a little longer than the day before, and i measured my waist, too, which i hadn't thought to do yesterday. it was 28.5 inches without the corset and 26 inches measuring around my waist with the corset on which means i probably pulled in my waist by 3.5 inches with very minimal discomfort. very nice. i spent some time examining the corset in the mirror and i'm growing more and more fond of it every day.

the corset i have now is one that comes up and partially covers the breast - it's beautiful, made out of black satin - i got it at dream dresser which is located close to my work. but because it comes up over half of my breast it pokes through my shirts so i've decided i need one that comes just below my breasts. so after work today i went to versatile fashions in anaheim (it took me 2 hours to drive there through traffic from beverly hills) and got a new corset - it's a maria corset, black satin, with the heavy duty nylon laces in the back, and it comes just under my breasts so i don't have to worry about it showing much. it comes down to a "V" in the front. the only thing i don't like about it is that the steel busk isn't as nice as the steel busk on my other corset. i love the heavy duty little steel buttons and button holes.

i put my corset on when i got dressed as i have the last four days. i love it just as much as i did the first day - i've been thinking about seriously corset training, but i like sleeping naked next to my boyfriend and i couldn't stand not being able to. and he doesn't want me to corset train at all so i guess i won't. i went to the mall to get some clothes and the corset made dresses look really good. i was dressing in a room with one of those flimsy curtains and i was worried that people could see me half naked with my corset on, but i figured who the hell cared what they thought. i bought a dress and a black mini skirt and grey top. i haven't bought clothes in a long time, and i do have to admit the corset makes me feel sexier.

i got up really late today so i didn't put the corset on til late, then only wore it for a little while because we left the house for a bit, then came home and went swimming, then just lounged around and i never got to putting the corset back on - i think part of that is because my boyfriend doesn't seem to be that into it. but am looking forward to wearing it tomorrow.

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