nip the buds, shoot the kids by kenzaburo oe

kenzaburo oe is a japanese writer whose translated works include a personal matter, teach us to outgrow our madness, hiroshima notes, the silent cry, and a quiet life. he won the nobel prize for literature in 1994. he was born in 1935 and resides in japan.

i've had the pleasure of reading a personal matter and would recommend that book over this one for your first oe. it deals with his real life ordeal with his son. of course, i've only read two of his books so i suppose it's not much of a recommendation. i've read a little about the silent cry and will probably read that next.

nip the buds, shoot the kids was written in 1958 and translated in 1985. it's a bit like a mixture of camus' plague and golding's lord of the flies. i won't go much into the actual narrative (because i hate to know the narrative before reading a book or seeing a movie - it ruins it a little for me), but it's an intense book about the stupidity of adults and the adaptability of children. it was a little slow to start, but it's a short book, and gets really intense halfway through. i liked it.

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